Saturday, 26 October 2019

Today already hit Saturdays. Off market and off times from trading for next two days. This week trading is good with several counts of win and loss in my analysis. Yesterdays also quite good haul from GOLD trading. I will active more in this blog and share my view of Gold Price Movement

Sunday, 18 November 2018


Hello everyone. Sorry for missing a few days. i was busy with new project with GMI Edge Broker and i also try to complete fast my website. Last week i also not very actively on making posting and result me a little bonus. but still i get the bonus. So, do you also want this bonus like me credited every week? Just read from post 1. I already mention there. haha

Sunday, 11 November 2018


Hello everyone. Today, I has develop new analysis on USDCHF. I still want to shared it even i know my analysis not perfect but atleast you guys can give feedback and opinion on your own to help improve my analysis.


Price Action.
USDCHF has climbing for several week after making Low at 0.9451 and it has reach new High at 1.0090 which is 549pips movement. We also can see after that level has reached after bullish engulfing have formed at Weekly basic.

Market Movement Forecast.
Daily and H4 timeframes Review.

Last week, price has reach Daily resistance level and USDCHF was closing at 1.0051. Candlestick on Friday 2018.11.09 has formed new CRS which is Pinbar when Price in Uptrend movement.
This was crucial hint about trend changing to downtrend on this pairs. This hint also support by Bearish Engulfing at Week before and also at present time at H4 timeframes.

Keypoint : 1.0030
Breakout - Strong bearish movement to 1.0000.
Rejected - Will retest 1.0100. Breakout this level, price movement can continue on making new high.

Trading Strategy
Strong sell. Awaiting for good confirmation to enter trade with minimal stoploss.
Stoploss : 1.0110
Take Profit 1: 0.9920
Take Profit 2: 0.9870
Take Profit 3: 0.9580

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Bonus WEEK45 Has being credited

Hello. Posting bonus for this is already in. I also shocked that they paid early because last bonus week44, they make late payment and i guess week 45 will follow based on date of week44 being paid. 

Friday, 9 November 2018

MT5 Contest

Hello. Today i want talk about MT5 contest that you get can good prize. Before, you already learn on how to get posting bonus. So, i hope you guys will work hard and get good rewards after that. Even you got loss or margin call. You still not lose any your pocket money.

About MT5 contest, its have 2 contest that running now. Its was ;-

1. Guess Forex Trend.
↳ This contest was running every week. The prize was $150. But this prize will be shared among winner. We have to vote 3 pairs correctly for their trends for next week. The rules was
a) Need to vote after market closed at friday and before market open on monday.
b) After make vote, you need to post what have you vote in that thread for confirmation that you already make vote.
c) Need to win all three pairs to be a winner
d) After you win that week, you will need to wait 1 week for next contest before make vote and win again.
e) This prize cannot be withdraw, its will be like posting bonus. which is profit from it can be withdraw.

2. Contest of the Best Answers. 

↳ This contest is quite interesting because its prize pool was $5000 which is can be withdraw. This contest usually runs for 2month. For now, Contest already happen. 23.10.2018 until 23.12.2018. The highest payout for last contest was $696.88.

Rules for this contest ; Best Answer Contest
a) Must post in this thread → Forex Encloypedia
b) Must make a post in thread with 500 character above. Not count space and symbol. You can use for easy to count your words.
c) Cant make a copy paste from other site. You will need to use your own word to make a posting. Break this rules can lead to account banning

If you think its hard, you can read some material in other site or reference, but you still need to use your own words refer the point of your material.

I hope you will learn more and make more money later.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Bonus Week 44 Credited

Hello everyone. Today i was to show new proof of this posting bonus. I have received very good amount for last week posting. I also have received Best Answer Prize which is ended for round 4. Now its going for Round 5 which is will end this December.

I will tell you more about how to get win prize for this contest in this Mt5 Forum. Please read first post if you want to know about posting bonus.



Price Action.
After Gold have formed Bullish Engulfing pattern at Daily timeframes. Price have rectrace to minor support at H4. Hammer pattern also detected at H1 timeframes close to nearest H4 trendline. 

Market Movement Forecast.
Daily and H4 Review.

Gold now will try to retest the trendline which can see at H4 timeframes. Its also closed to nearest minor support which is 1221.50. Expect Gold will reject at this level and try to penetrate 1235.00 for breakout and heading long to 1260.00.

Key Point : 1235.00 
- Breakout - Bullish (Next Target 1260.00)
- Rejected - Bearish (Next Target 1221.00)

Trading strategy: 
Buy at 1226.00
Stoploss : 1218.00
Take Profit 1 : 1235.00 Take Profit 2 : 1260.00

Today already hit Saturdays. Off market and off times from trading for next two days. This week trading is good with several counts of win a...